Nailya Latypova is an architect with thirteen years of experience. She has spent much of her career designing large-scale architecture and practising urban planning, mostly working on projects of residential areas, schools, kindergartens, and theatres. She has expertise in guiding projects from conception to completion through collaborative efforts with engineers, contractors, and suppliers.

For the past 5 years, Nailya has specialised in smaller-scale projects, including interiors and furniture. Working with this scale allows her to develop integral projects, where every aspect of the environment, ranging from the smallest furniture detail to the vegetation positioned in front of the building's facade, serves as a part of a unied concept.

Nailya, as an architect, sees her purpose in creating spaces that inspire a feeling of comfort and belonging. She believes that achieving this reuires a deep understanding of how the human senses are intimately connected to the textures, ergonomics, lighting, temperature, and acoustics of a space. Nailya seeks to weave together these sensory elements into a harmonious whole.

Nailya deeply appreciates the rened simplicity and clarity of Japanese design that evokes a sense of peacefulness and reverence for nature. Japanese architecture's tranuil aesthetics encourages Nailya to infuse her own designs with a balanced approach that echoes the natural world.


Specialist Diploma
Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering - Department of Theory and History of Architecture, Kazan Russia  
2005 — 2012

Intern Architect
Barcelona Regional - Urban Development Agency, Barcelona Spain 

Junior Architect to Chief Architect
Tsimailo Lyashenko Partners- Architectural bureau, Moscow Russia  
2012 — 2018

Chief architect
Arch(e)Type - Architectural bureau, Moscow Russia 
2018 — 2022

Head of Interior Design
Vesper - High-end real estate developer company, Moscow Russia 


Private Practice


Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design

Furniture Design