Located at the intersection of two picturesue boulevards in Moscow, this apartment sits within a house on an elevated site. The panoramic windows oer stunning views of the city, which became the focal point of the project. The layout is designed to maximise these views, with an emphasis on natural light. The main volumes are arranged around a central core and lined with brass. The open plan of the at still allows for private isolated created with moveable glass partitions and curtains. Mirrors are used extensively to amplify the views, while warm colours and natural materials create a balanced aesthetic. e walls and ceiling are nished with warm grey lime, the oor features oak planking, and wool, silk, and linen dominate the textile trim. To full the client's reuest for comfortable lighting with multiple scenarios to choose from, indirect and concealed lighting xtures were used instead of the common overhead light.

Type Apartment interior design

Design concept Executed in collaboration with Arch(e)Type
Location Moscow
Year 2018-2020